Upcoming Events

Begin or deepen your journey with one of our special sessions, workshops or teacher training certifications.​​

Bend & Brew weekly at Pondaseta Brewing Co.​​  6pm - 2nd Mon. of Mth

June 22 @ 7pm Yin Yoga Class (for digestion)

June 23 @ 2-3:30pm Sun. - Chaturanga Workshop

June 29, Sat. @ 2-5pm - Thai Yoga Massage Workshop

July 4, Thur. - Fourth of July - NO classes

July 6, Sat. - NO studio classes JOIN us at 8am at the Canyon Farmers' Mkt

July 8-24, M&W @ 7:15pm - Hips & Hamstrings Series w/ Sarah

July 13, Sat @ 1-4pm - Pelvic Floor Workshop



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