Yin Yoga class

May 26, Sun. @ 1:30pm

$10 drop in  <or>

1-block on Class Card ​   

(RSVP needed)

led by Danna West

Yin Yoga aims to increase circulation in the joints and improve flexibility, our focus will also be aiding digestion.

more information:  Danna@CrosstiesYoga.com or 806-382-0438

Special Request Classes

Available for groups of 6 or more
Subject to studio availability

Any of our workshops are available in your location or ours.

Class options:
strengthening stretch, yoga, sweat, office yoga, intro to yoga, yoga-101, prayer beads & reflection, teacup meditation, as well as classes listed on “description” page


Special Events & Workshops

      Prayer Bead & Reflection       ​​


               RSVP required 

(please pre pay or RSVP so we have plenty of supplies for all attending)

 Choose a focal pendant and a Prayer Bead kits from our selections. (If you have a special pendant you would like as your focal point, please bring it with you.) We will assemble our Prayer Beads, learn about their origins and how to use them in our quiet time.


for more info call or email

Danna@CrosstiesYoga.com or 382-0438

Bend & Brew

 Mon. @ 6pm - 2nd Mon. of Month

​No yoga on Memorial Day - May 27

at Pondaseta Brewing Co.

7500 SW 45th Ave. ~ Amarillo




Connecting to Your Pelvic Floor -

New Pathways for your Life & Yoga Practice

TBA, Sat. @ 1-4pm     3hr - YA CEU's

RSVP needed

​$60 pre register                            

$65 day of, if space allows            

space & props limited                        

NO class cards

This is an All Level workshop. Modifications and awareness will be our focus.  Allowing healthy and active healing.

Experimental education with assisting props to take home.

Led by: Jessica Benton

Jessica (RYT-200) is a Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher (TIYT) with 8 very full years of teaching experience. For the past 4 years, Jessica has primarily taught Trauma Informed Yoga as the Experiential Therapist at Cal Farley's Boys Ranch Counseling Department. 
Her fascination and education with the Pelvic Floor connection began around the time she birthed her second child. As her personal and professional study of the PF deepened, along came a flood of people - from young athletes to women beyond menopause - asking questions, and wanting knowledge and CHANGE!  
A beautiful door opened: to workshops, research, receiving mentorship from pelvic floor specialists, and facilitating spaces for other to connect again. She is passionate about this work, and inspired to lead those interested down the path of deep healing and re-connection.

for more info call or email
Danna@CrosstiesYoga.com or 382-0438


Peace & Stillness Session 

June 8, Sat. @ 4-6pm

max class size=10    ​$25 pre-pay/$30 day of    (RSVP required)

Reserve your peace:

May use 3 blocks off a

current class card if

prepay/3.5 blocks day of.

Class is composed of several yoga techniques to aid in conscience relaxation and stress reduction. There will be personalized set up for each pose with attention to specific needs.    

for more information  Danna@CrosstiesYoga.com   or 806-382-0438

**Special event classes require a 48 hr cancellation to ensure full refund** 

Reflection, Relaxation

Restoration Workshop

Next date: TBA

We will keep warm with Sun Salutations interspersed with exploring several styles of meditation, various breathing techniques 
and lots soothing Restorative yoga.

Come prepared to to drape yourself over a bolster, release tension and free your breath​.
*Both days will have a break with a wholesome snack and Saturday will include a healthy lunch.       


Led by: Danna West, ERYT-200​, RYT-500, YYLT

Essential Oil Make & Take

TBA, Sat. @ 10:30am- noon

RSVP needed

Select the projects you would like to make from the menu page.

Order projects by ___ for a 10% discount and printed labels, after you will need to hand write your own labels.

If you would like to refill a project you have previously made with us and bring the bottle to the workshop,  you will receive a bottle credit.

for more info call or email

Danna@CrosstiesYoga.com or 382-0438

yoga & wellness


Thai Yoga Massage 

​w/ Marisa Wolfe

June 29,  @ 2-5pm Saturday 

max class size=14   

(RSVP required)

​$60 per person <or>

invite a friend $105 (2 people)

Thai Yoga Massage is a treat for both giver and receiver. As the giver stretches and moves into a variety of yoga-like positions, they also move their partner into familiar yoga poses that encourage length in muscles, space in joints and ease in the mind. 

More Information

for more information  Danna@CrosstiesYoga.com   or 806-382-0438

**Special event classes require a 48 hr cancellation to ensure full refund** 

Intro to Thai Massage

Refresh Your Heart & Home Seminar


Relax & Refresh Restorative Yoga

May 25, Sat. @ 12:30-2pm - Refresh Seminar - $15
           2:30-4pm - Relax & Refresh Yoga - $25

Both for $35

seating & mat space


(please RSVP) 

Refresh Your Heart & Home Seminar
You will evaluate what is occupying your interior then learn to accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative. Be prepared to embellish your life with things that stimulate your senses and bring your heart to life. Most importantly learn ways to encourage others.

"Whoever refreshes others will be refreshed." Proverbs 11:25

Relax & Refresh Restorative Yoga

​An all-level class designed to promote comfort and relaxation, alleviate the effects of stress with supported yoga postures, plus a little pampering as well.

more information:  Danna@CrosstiesYoga.com or 806-382-0438

Suit Yourself Series 


max class size=10    (RSVP required)

​$50 series only or

$132 series + prop set 

(includes tax on prop set)

Learn how to modify poses to make them more accessible or more challenging so you can adapt any class to "suit your" needs. We will address the purpose and function of yoga props as well as help you begin a home practice.

There are two pricing options: 1) you may enroll in the series only & borrow studio props 2) purchase a prop set with the series.

Prop set = 2-blocks, 2-blankets, 1-strap, 1-bolster ($120 value)

you may add a mat or other props to the prop set at 25% off retail price

for more information  Danna@CrosstiesYoga.com   or 806-382-0438

**Special event classes require a 48 hr cancellation to ensure full refund**