Weekly Schedule

Chair Yoga 
This a gentle yoga class practiced in a chair or using the chair for support. You will spend the class stretching
and learning to breathe more deeply. This is a good class for those with limited mobility or balance and those just starting their yoga practice.


Faithful Flow
This intermediate level flow class is joyful, peaceful and can help you lose weight and reduce stress. It will get you centered, sweating and enjoying sun salutations with a groove. Each class introduces a variety of poses designed to build strength and stamina.

Family Fun Yoga

A 30-45 minute class designed for families to build strength, flexibility and balance together while bonding through fun and laughter. No prior experience is needed, just a willingness to try. A parent or guardian must attend and stay with their children. $$ The cost of this class is half the price of other yoga classes. $$

Hatha Yoga 
Class is built around a series of static yoga poses intended to transform the body. This practice brings attention to the breath, which helps us still our thoughts and be more present in the here and now.

Hatha/Ball Yoga
 Occasionally incorporates the use of a fitness ball with the poses to focus on key areas.

Intro to Yoga
A three week, 6-class workshop to prepare you for a basic yoga class. This session focuses on breathing and foundational poses. A great way to start your yoga practice, learn modifications to enrich your practice or refine your established practice.​

Class involves active relaxation as an antidote to stress – reducing the effects of stress related disease.  A completely relaxing experience, with most postures on the floor with comfortable bolsters and blankets that help you relax. This soothing practice allows for solitude, prayer and meditation. Leave feeling refreshed and restored.

Basic Restorative -  45 minute class, students set up their own props.

Extended Restorative - 2 hour class with no more than 5 students, personalized prop set up for maximum relaxation.

Zumba Fitness®
A 60 minute Latin-inspired dance-fitness program that blends red-hot international music and contagious steps to form a "fitness-party" that is downright addictive.    $$ The cost of this class is half the price of yoga classes. $$





Special Request Classes 


Christian Meditation/ Teacup Meditation
We all have stress. Come and learn how to calm your mind and heart with different techniques for meditation. The Word says for us to meditate, but what does that look like? Come and lay down (not seated) and watch how Christian meditation can completely de-stress you in 45 minutes. Psalm 77:12 I will meditate on all your works and consider all your mighty deeds.


Class for a Cause 
Our way of giving back to the community.  These classes are used to draw attention to and raise funds for a different cause or organization. 


Gentle Journey/Slow Flow
A gentle class that helps you relax, de-stress, stretch and build strength and stamina. It’s wonderful for anyone wanting a peaceful yet effective workout. This class is perfect for those just beginning to practice or for those days when you are tired and prefer a less challenging class but still want to break a sweat and get in your self-care. A peaceful effective workout for all ages and fitness levels.

Runner’s Yoga
This class centers around stretches that are good for runners and cyclist but benefit anyone.  Core and low back strengthening, leg stretches and arm and shoulder toning are the basis of this practice.





For your first class please fill out the release form or show up early to do so.
Payment can be made by cash, check, credit card, debit card or PayPal.  
Gift cards available at the studio. 




If you have any questions about our classes, private lessons, yoga parties, or incorporating yoga into a retreat, please e-mail or call Danna 806-382-0438


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