​Upcoming Events​​​​

Hips & Hamstrings Series- Oct. 15-Nov. 5
M & W@ 7:15pm

Pelvic Floor Workshop - Oct 20

Sat. @ 2-5pm

Hurry Up & Relax Series - Nov. & Dec.
T&Th @ 7:15pm

Peace & Stillness Workshop - Oct. TBA

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Who We Are

We're a unique yoga studio dedicated to making this extraordinarily beneficial health practice accessible to people of all levels of fitness. Our small welcoming studio provides a safe, comforting space and  builds community within each class.

Our Philosophy

We believe yoga can be practiced with a proper orientation of the heart and with prayerful discernment, to support the a vital spiritual life in Christ. The traditional practice of yoga includes many biblical spiritual disciplines such as meditation, solitude, and self-examination. Join us to grow your strength, maturity and health – spiritually and physically.

About Crossties Yoga