Prayer Bead & Reflection       ​​


 TBA                   RSVP

(please pre pay or RSVP so we have plenty of supplies for all attending)

 Choose a focal pendant and a Prayer Bead kits from our selections. (If you have a special pendant you would like as your focal point, please bring it with you.) We will assemble our Prayer Beads, learn about their origins and how to use them in our quiet time.


for more info call or email or 382-0438

Restorative Yoga

    Slow Flow Series       ​​


 Sept 21 - Nov. 16, Thur.@ 7:15pm


 Restorative classes on 9/26, 10/10, 10/24 & 11/14

The Slow Flow Series is designed to help you adapt the poses to the needs of your body. We focus on learning modifications and  building your confidence to find comfort attending any of our yoga classes. 

You may choose to add 4 Restorative classes to the series at a reduced price.  Restorative Yoga is active relaxation and an antidote to stress.
These supported poses can reduce the effects of stress related disease. 

Class size is limited,

please make payment to 

reserve your place.

Led by Danna West,  YYT/ERYT-200/RYT-500

for more info call or email or 382-0438

      Extended Restorative Yoga 


max class size=5    ​$40 pre-pay/$50 day of    (RSVP required)

May use 5 blocks off a current class card if you RSVP, 6 blocks day of.

Reserve your place:

Class is composed of poses to aid in conscience relaxation and stress reduction.  There will be personalized set up for each pose with attention to specific needs.    

for more information   or 806-382-0438

**Special event classes require a 48 hr cancellation to ensure full refund** 


Special Events & Workshops

Reflection, Relaxation

Restoration Workshop

Next date: TBA

We will keep warm with Sun Salutations interspersed with exploring several styles of meditation, various breathing techniques 
and lots soothing Restorative yoga.

Come prepared to to drape yourself over a bolster, release tension and free your breath​.
*Both days will have a break with a wholesome snack and Saturday will include a healthy lunch.       


Led by: Danna West, ERYT-200

yoga & wellness



    Restorative Yoga       ​​


2nd & 4th Tuesdays of each month @ 7:15 - 8pm

 Restorative Yoga is active relaxation and an antidote to stress.
These supported poses can reduce the effects of stress on the body much like a massage does.  

The experience is better than the description! 

Drop- in is $10 or one block on your class card.

Essential Oil Workshop


RSVP required

Select the projects you would like to make from the menu page.

Order projects by ___ for a 10% discount and printed labels, after you will need to hand write your own labels.

If you would like to refill a project you have previously made with us and bring the bottle to the workshop,  you will receive a bottle credit.

for more info call or email or 382-0438

Pilates Session

Sept. 5 - Oct. 31
5:15am on Tue. and/or Thur.

$65 for 9-Tue. only

$60 for 8-Thur. only

$120 for all 17- T & Th

Emphasis is placed on core work. Form, strength, flexibility, muscular endurance, coordination and good posture are key elements in Pilates.

Special Request Classes

Available for groups of 6 or more
Subject to studio availability

Any of our workshops are available in your location or ours.

Class options:
strengthening stretch, yoga, sweat, office yoga, intro to yoga, yoga-101, prayer beads & reflection, teacup meditation, as well as classes listed on “description” page